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Tough Mudder Tips – New Obstacles and Fun Ideas


The Helpful Dad gives you more tips for Tough Mudder.

Part of our growing Tough Mudder series. Once again we give you EVERY OBSTACLE + Tips with ideas for YOU to try too, such as…

00:42 and 01:05 Going into Arctic Enema TWICE

06:08 The Wingspan Technique on Electroshock Therapy – ouch!

03:33 Ten Pullups in middle of Monkey Bars

01:36 Boa Constrictor with a rope

02:20 Surviving the Electric Eel

03:05 Getting TOTALLY MUDDY on the Mud Mile

04:17 Using the Trash Compactor as a new obstacle

04:10 Backflip off Walk The Plank

03:20 The Relaxed way to go across Ball Shrinker lake

04:26 Tips for the Berlin Walls HIGH Wall

04:55 Running on Wounded Warrior Carry

05:13 Why Mexicans rule on Trench Warfare

05:39 Caution for your calves on Balls to the Wall

05:50 Racing up Everest

00:24 Tips to avoid injury

This was filmed at Sarasota, Florida. It was the Tough Mudder for Central Florida and Tampa/Orlando area. Tough Mudder and other mud races like this are a lot of fun. We’ve done a number of them in the Florida area. If you see us at a race, be sure to say “Hello”



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