Jax Minecraft Tip #47: A Fishing Rod is for MORE than just catching fish!

Here’s another post from Jax’s series of  Minecraft tips.  Be sure to read till the end so you can see how these gamer tips also apply to real life. Just a reminder – these tips come from Jax’s vids on his YouTube channel (Jackson’s Toy Box) as well as the book he and I wrote called Diary of a Minecraft Dad.


fishrodrecipeHey, friends, let’s start off with something easy…

Do you know what this is a crafting recipe for>>>>

Haha – just tricking you. Obviously hat’s a FISHING ROD, right? We all know you can catch fish with it. But that’s not all you can do with a fishing rod!


Jax’s Tip #47: There are other uses for a fishing rod besides just fishing for food, including…

  1. You can use a fishing rod to ride a pig – just attach a carrot to the fishing rod, saddle up a pig and get ready for one hog-wild ride like this…rodpig
  2. You can use a fishing rod to hook mobs (this includes those elusive Endermen!) and other enemies to corral them and pull them towards you.
  3. Not only can you fish in the ocean but you can actually catch a fish in pretty much ANY body of water – heck you can even fish UP a waterfall! For a video on how to catch fish more consistently, check this out:


  1. You can even use a fishing rod to hook a Ghast’s fireballs in the Nether – now that’s cool!

I hope this helps you all to enjoy the game more. Please let me know if you have any tips for me too.

So how does this Minecraft tip relate to real life wisdom?

Check out this post from the Helpful Dad to learn more: Choose Happiness Over Money


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