Jax Minecraft Tip #27: How to Tell Time UNDERGROUND

Here’s another post from Jax’s series of  Minecraft tips.  Be sure to read till the end so you can see how these gamer tips also apply to real life. Just a reminder – these tips come from Jax’s vids on his YouTube channel (Jackson’s Toy Box) as well as the book he and I wrote called Diary of a Minecraft Dad.

jaxfaceTo make the most of this lesson you’ll first need to know how to make a clock. Here’s the crafting recipe:

(4 Gold bars + 1 redstone = clock)


Now that you know that, you’re on your way to being able to tell time underground. Here’s the secret: The way a clock works is simple – if you look closely at the clock you will see that the face of it actually moves and on the face is a blue side (which has the sun, and a black side (which has the moon). Look at this pic…


The clock’s face will spin as the day goes through its cycle and the sun/moon on the clock are the same as they are outside in the sky – so if you’re clock is showing the moon underground then it’s night outside (which means MOBS!) but if the sun is showing you’re free to roam around as you please. 


  1. You can use the clock by looking at it in your hand, in your inventory, or even if you put in in a frame and stick it on a wall in your house.
  2. If you don’t want to craft a clock you can trade for it. You can get it from a LIBRARIAN librarian for about 10 emeralds.
  3. Here’s a YouTube video we made for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cPop_KWIb8

So how does this Minecraft tip relate to real life wisdom?

This is another tip that talks about the power of “Know thy Craft.” Regardless of what you choose to do in life, do it with passion and because you WANT to do it. If you do, you will find happiness. For more on this wisdom, check out this article from The Helpful Dad: Choose Happiness Over Money



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