Life Lessons

No Winter Lasts Forever

Are you facing a time of trouble? Does it seem like life is going in the wrong direction? If so, then today’s life lesson is specifically for YOU.

Our wisdom today reminds us to keep in mind that “There is no winter that lasts forever; the spring will always come.”


Think about this quote for a moment and allow it to sink in. There’s a power in these words – they can help you CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE and realize that your life is filled with different ‘seasons.’ It would be great to always be able to live in the ‘summer’ and enjoy life to it’s fullest every day without any cares in the world – but that’s obviously unrealistic. We all know that our lives are sure to have their fair share of ups and downs. These are the seasons of our lives. It’s only natural that we experience periods of growth (spring), plenty (summer), ebb (the fall), and challenge (winter). No season can last forever. Once we accept this, we can allow ourselves to make the most of each season. We can better appreciate the good times and try to learn from the bad times.

If YOU are currently experiencing a winter season of despair, take heart, remember that nothing lasts forever – there will be end to our sorrow and a time of rebirth and joy will come again with the spring. Meanwhile, understand this as well – nobody said you have to just sit around and let your winter drag on and on while you do nothing and remain miserable. Instead, try to take action yourself by endeavoring to learn from your current challenges — have you ever considered that there may be lessons that God wants you to learn during your trying times? The sooner you learn and grow, the sooner you can emerge from your winter and enter a new spring – a period when you can take what you learned from your winter and become an even better person.


Be sure to give this lesson a try in your life and if you have someone you know who could benefit from it, please share this lesson with them as well.


Final Thoughts: today’s lesson was inspired by a quote attributed to Hal Borland – the exact quote is “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” I first heard this quote over a decade ago. It helped me through some tough times back then and keeping it in mind has continued to help me over the years. I’ve since shared it with numerous friends. I hope that it can help you too.


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