The Untold Revelations of John

There is none so good that he is without fault. And none so holy that he cannot fall – especially when The Antichrist is tempting you…



Book Series Description:

Read John’s UNTOLD Revelations and discover that the three nails used to crucify Jesus Christ still exist and that they are guarded by three immortals from biblical times – one of which is John The Apostle, a prophet who continues to be tormented by revelations he cannot escape. As events unfold, John learns that the as-yet-unknown Antichrist has captured one of the nails, along with John’s friend Professor Alan Zarus (a fellow immortal who changed his name long ago to avoid discovery). Despite this wake-up call, John himself remains bitter at his perceived abandonment by Jesus some 2,000 years ago, and thus initially refuses to do anything to help his friend – leaving the task solely to the third immortal of our story (Miriam Magdala).

While John sulks, two important men rise to prominence on the world stage: Dr. Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus – beloved leader of The UMAN League – and Pope Benedict – the former head of the Roman Catholic Church. While Dr. Ma’bus seemingly works to solve the world’s problems, The Pope conspires with members of a secret society in a plot to bring down his rival – yet whether this is with good or evil intent remains to be seen.

A number of amazing mysteries about The Catholic Church are revealed within these pages – including revelations about an additional gospel written by John that was banned from The Bible, the little-known story of a female pope, and the discovery of The Sacra Crypta – a long-forgotten vault beneath Saint Peter’s Basilica which hides a legendary scroll that details knowledge which could either save the world or destroy it – depending on who finds it first.

The Day of Armageddon will arrive but not before we learn the astonishing back story of John’s life these past 2,000 years. John must repent for his loss of faith before he can take action to stop The Antichrist. And he must hurry, for all too soon the scene will set on Golgotha itself as The Beast attempts to complete The Armageddon Rite – an arcane ritual which promises to deliver death to John and his fellow immortals, devastation to the world, and Ultimate Power to The Antichrist and his father Satan!

It’s the Final Battle of Good vs. Evil — even The Seven Angels of Revelations will take part in the fight. But WHO will win?

What does it all mean?

The UNTOLD Revelations of John has the answers – read it and see for yourself…

I ask you to keep in mind that it is above all a work of FICTION. I would like to think that my faith (and yours) is strong enough to be able to consider some of the illusive questions that still shroud The Bible – after all, haven’t you ever wondered what happened to all the Biblical characters we love AFTER the events of The Bible took place? Don’t you want to know what happened to the people like Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead? Where do you think the Nails that were used to crucify Christ are now? Do you believe the Apostle John is still alive today and is he still receiving revelations?

If these ideas intrigue you as well then I invite you to read on. I’ll warn you again that you’ll read about John and other characters from The Bible who are acting a bit differently than when you last read about them; two thousand years of waiting tends to change a person. That said, if you will keep an open mind and enjoy the tale for what it is (a biblical adventure story), I believe you will find value in these pages. The wisdom of Proverbs and Psalms is laced throughout this book and in the end Good does defeat Evil – but perhaps not in the manner you might think…


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